The Art of The Surface
Innovative Surfaces in Glass, Metals, Wood & Ceramics






Based in Pawtucket, RI, Design Studio 180 is a team of designers and artisans whose focus is the making of innovative artistic surfaces. In the creation of these unique artistic surfaces, we strive to employ environmentally and socially responsible practices.  We use eco-friendly materials like glass, recycled aluminum and lead compliant pewter and avoid as best we can any toxic material use, both in our studio and the studios of our local partners. At Design Studio 180, we feel it is important to support our local economy so we employ local craftspeople and small production houses whenever possible in the manufacturing process.

From inspiration to fruition, all of our products and custom creations are born from an amalgam of conceptual and industrial design processes, creating a unique perspective on product line development. Our designs explore interior surface enhancement through a multitude of materials, luscious colors and rich textures. Mixing and matching across product lines is encouraged to create a one-of-a-kind installation unique to your project. Most of our products are suitable for almost any interior application and all of our products can also be customized giving our clients even greater flexibility and freedom of use.

Hand Painted

Ceramic Tiles

Our Ceramic Tiles are crafted right here in our Ceramic Studio Our ceramic tiles are available in rich, vivid and highly saturated hues of ceramic glaze colors. Available in High Sheen as well as Matt finishes. Special lustre Metallic finishes like gold and silver can be applied over the glazes add a finishing touch of elegance and class to the ceramic tiles. Our Ceramic Tiles are sometimes hand painted in our studio by skilled hand painters giving the tiles a uniqueness and beauty making the tiles a real work of art ( WOA )

Glass Tiles

Our Glass Tiles are crafted right here in our Glass Studio. They are hand cut, edged and placed in our special glass tile kilns. They are fired at very hot temperatures giving the glass tiles a brilliance and vividness that is unequaled. The look of glass tile is a very distinct and unique look that sets it apart from other materials. Here in our glass studio we hand paint of our glass with whimsical and fun designs. We have also introduced a decorative line of colorful silver glass which is very unique and Innovative in the many finishes it is available in. Our Glass Tile lines are very versatile and can be used for Kitchens, Bathrooms and focal areas of the home or business. It can also be used for Table Tops, Vanities, Cabinets and much much more. We are proud to introduce our Classic Line of Color Grid Glass for the discriminating buyer. It shows 2 coordinating colors in our new Checkerboard pattern of glass. It is a wonderful way to show color as well as pattern. High Sheen as well as Matt finishes are available in most of our Glass Tile selections.

Metal Tiles

Our Metal Tiles are Lead Free Pewter and pose no health hazards for the homeowner as well as business owner. Our rich pewter tiles are available in Antique as well as satin finishes in a number of textures. Our line of Decorative Pewter tiles using Swarovski crystals in resin beds of color are very interesting and design unique and are truly works of art ( WOA) The resin is available in a wide range of colors opening up the design possibilities for the discriminating client.

Wood Tiles

Our Wood Tiles are a great way to decorate any room. We hand paint playful and Whimsical designs lending a freedom of use with a material that is endlessly recyclable. We offer beautiful brite colors as well as a natural more subdued color palette. Our Combed Series of Wooden Tiles allows us to create a Distressed Design Look that can use any combination of color making it a great Design choice.

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